Office 365 is a novel way to purchase and use the Microsoft Office software suite that stores your files on the Cloud. This new technology allows you to access your files, pick up where you left off and share on the go. For small businesses, this connected software is invaluable and we can help you to integrate it into your office.

Why is this Software Useful?

For businesses of any size, efficiency and flexibility are important but this is usually even more pertinent for a small business. Migrating to Office 365 gives your business:

• Office software, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, that you already feel comfortable with and improved functionality.
• Seamless connection between devices and employees.
• Online conferencing, Cloud storage and the ability to share files easily.
• Access to your files from anywhere that you can connect to the internet on different devices like Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets.
• A subscription that can be scaled up for 300 users or more.
This software is currently revolutionising the way that many of us do business and giving unrivalled flexibility. If you want to make the most of working on the go, sharing your files with others or even just upgrading to a newer version of this software then we can help.

How We Can Help

If you’re still thinking ‘What is Office 365?’ or ‘What does moving to Office 365 mean for my business?’ then don’t hesitate to get in touch. This software is the one that we recommend for business because of its security, flexibility and pricing.
We implement this solution on as many devices as you would like and set up the user profiles for your staff too. This means that you can get up and running with your new software in no time and start reaping those benefits.

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