Within your business, your computers are an integral part of day to day operations. For this reason it’s important that they are monitored and kept secure, if they are not you may have a disaster on your hands. Our Managed Workstations service allows you to rest assured knowing that your devices are running the way they should.

Improve your Productivity and Reduce Downtime

The computers in your workspace may have seen better days if they have not been maintained. Slow start up times, issues with connectivity and slow processes can turn small jobs into time consuming tasks where these devices are concerned.
It’s not necessary for you to get rid of these computers, laptops or Macs if this is the case as they can usually be fine-tuned once more. Boost your productivity and reduce unwanted down time with our Managed Workstations.

What Does Our Managed Workstation Service Offer?

As part of our fully Managed Workstations service, you can expect the following:

• Records of all computers and their spec for future reference.
• Reports on the computers, software and any problems that you have with them.
• Event management on a remote basis.
• Round the clock monitoring of the systems with advanced warning and resolution of any issues.
• Software updates implemented and installed for you.
• Security software updated regularly.
• All computers kept in their optimal state, working as quickly and efficiently as possible.
• Daily support for your staff members while they use the workstations.

How Do We Do This?

You may be wondering how it is possible for us to do all this and what you need to do to allow this. All we need to do is pop a software agent onto your computer, which will give us notifications of any issues. This is totally unobtrusive software and gives us alerts regarding:

• Potential threats to your computer.
• Security problems or holes.
• Any problems with the performance of the device.
• If your email is performing correctly.
• If you are running out of disk space.
• Backups.
• Information on the hardware and software being used.
• Networking.

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Pricing Options

Straightforward pricing that gets your problem solved.

Managed Workstations can save your business a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on unnecessary upgrades, loss in productivity and other factors. Contact us and our Glasgow IT services specialists will get back to you regarding your business requirements.

  • Pay as you go
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    • No Contract
    • Flexibility
  • Pre-paid Hours
    £ Pre-Paid
    • Ideal for charities
    • Guaranteed response times

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