Users generally do not think about the need to back up their device until the damage is already done. At this point, it is often too late and valuable data can be lost, a scenario that no business wants to experience.
We can offer a solution to both minimise the risk of data loss and more efficiently manage the data that is backed up. We can offer you a solution that to prevent data loss happening to you and also control that the data is backed up.

Business Data Is Valuable

If you think of all the data on your business computer right now, you probably wouldn’t want to lose any of it. Invoices, contacts and other important documents are often worth a lot more than we think. Realising that there are huge ramifications to this data being lost will show you exactly why backups are absolutely essential.
IT issues can arise at any time, sometimes these are the result of a user error, like a file being deleted accidently or even physical damage. Then, all of the files you need could be lost. For a personal user, this can be devastating but business users are hit even harder by these potential losses.

The Advantages of Managed Backups

Our Managed Backups service gives business users the following benefits:

• Minimise the damage to your operations that loss of data can have, which can bring you peace of mind.
• Assistance with Business Continuity plans.
• Assurance that if anything were to happen, you would be protected.
• The technology used is non-invasive and reliable.
• All backups are handled remotely.
• Servers and workstations are backed up, giving full coverage.

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