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Restoring your system to a clean version is known as a factory reset and there can be many reasons for users to want to do this. It should not be attempted by someone that does not know what they are doing though, as incorrect procedure can cause more issues than it solves.

Why Reset your Device?

Many users want to reset their device to its factory state, here are a few of the most common reasons:

• To declutter the operating system by removing all old folders, files and programs. This makes the system as fast as possible and is much faster than uninstalling or deleting items individually.
• Users who want to sell their device or pass it along to someone else often choose this option to make the device factory fresh. That way the user data and files are removed, though take a look at our Data Recycling tab to learn more about permanent deletion of files.
• If you have many different issues with your device, such as malware, viruses and slow speeds, then a factory reset may be the best option. When there are so many problems with a device, it can be more expedient to wipe the old system and start again.

If you fall under one of these categories and want to leave your computer in safe hands then contact us. You’ll get your device back as though it’s fresh out of the box and the speed can be at an all-time high.
If you have accidentally performed a factory reset and need help to recover your files then our Glasgow IT services data recovery is right for you.

Device Factory Reset

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It’s simple, send a repair request via the website, get a ticket number, take your device to a drop off point, receive your confirmation number.


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We’ll let you know when your device is ready for collection. You can either pick up from the same location, or for a small charge we can deliver your device it to you!


Device Factory Reset – £40

The price for our data recovery service starts at £40, though we do offer additional services on top. We can pick up your device and deliver it back to you for £10 or work on site at a charge of £50 per hour. We’ll also backup and restore all your personal files for an additional £20.

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