Have you ever tried to work on a project, only to realise that the information you need is in an email on another device? Having your emails accessible from anywhere gives you much more flexibility and allows you to stay in the loop.

What Cloud Email Offers

There’s more than one reason that this service is so popular with business users, as with it you enjoy:

  •  The flexibility to access emails from many devices, so you never need to miss a message again.
  •  Up to 50GB of storage, perfect for all of your important messages and attachments.
  •  Can reduce maintenance and costs concerning emails, especially if you’re using outdated software.
  •  Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters built in to reduce the likelihood of viruses making their way onto your devices.
  •  Can be synched on smartphones and tablets for access on the go.
  •  Secured with SSL software to keep your files safe.
  •  Safer and more professional than some email providers like Yahoo.
  •  Can be scaled to include new users, employees and accounts.
  •  Full support from our Glasgow IT services team.
  •  Reliable data centres to keep your email running smoothly and quickly.
  •  Fast synching, no long waits while emails come through to your device.

The Cloud is one of the biggest new technologies for business, so don’t get left behind. With increased functionality, you could save time and money with this business solution. If you’re not sure about the Cloud or what it’s all about, then get in touch with one of our advisors for a chat.
Cloud based solutions are usually much faster than their traditional counterparts. We offer a wide range of Cloud based services so if you want to learn more about syncing everything together then check them out. This can help you make processes in your business smoother and make collaboration much easier.

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