In the event of a disaster or emergency, many of your valuable digital files can be lost. This is a worst case scenario for many businesses but it always helps for you to be prepared. With a Cloud backup provided by our computer support Glasgow experts, you’ll be able to get back on your feet quickly.

What is a Cloud Backup?

The Cloud allows you to backup all of your files onto its servers, so they’re stored online as well as physically. What this means is that if anything were to happen to your business devices, the files can be restored from the backup on the Cloud.
This solution means that even if your office is affected by a fire, burglary or any other type of damage those essential files are safe. The need for a backup doesn’t just occur in these situations though, even hardware failures and accidental deletions could have you searching for those missing files.

Security and Reliability

Your devices’ files aren’t stored online for everyone to see, they are kept behind encrypted walls. This means that you can log in to restore them, but no one else is privy to them. The Cloud uses some of the top security available to protect the files entrusted to it.
It’s also an incredibly reliable service, though you must backup regularly to ensure that all files are protected. That way, even your latest files will be able to be recovered in the event of a failure.
Cloud based backups are a great solution for those that really want to protect the files they use on a regular basis. You’d be surprised how many businesses wish they had a backup in place when something happens to their devices! Don’t find yourself in this position, get in touch and we’ll implement a contingency plan.

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