Spam can be a major issue for your business if they cause any of your devices to become infected. These pesky emails can be more than just an inconvenience if this is the case, as they can spread issues from device to device. Cut down on the risks that these emails pose with Anti-Spam from our Glasgow IT services branch.

Protecting your Devices

Any device with access to the internet can potentially be vulnerable to malicious software. Some of this can come in the form of an email, which can affect the account, the device or both. If it’s the former then you could be sending infected emails to your business contacts without realising it. If your device is infected too then this can lead to a whole host of other problems.
Being careful to only open emails from those you recognise is one step towards protecting your devices, but all users must do this for it to be effective. A much more reliable way to protect your devices is to stop these emails before they reach your inbox. This is where an Anti-Spam filter comes in, as this blocks many threats from ever arriving.

Other Features

Aside from the security aspect of an Anti-Spam service, there are numerous other benefits to having this installed:

• Reduced server space taken up by junk emails.
• You manage what is allowed and what isn’t for full control.
• The decreased risk of becoming infected also decreases your chance of having your company’s email blacklisted.
• Easy email management service.
• Aftercare and troubleshooting help.
• One monthly cost that you can anticipate in advance.
• Optional email services as an extra.

If you’re tired of junk and phishing emails taking up space and time then get in touch. We’ll protect your devices from these potentially dangerous emails with full support.

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